Ron Paul opposes linux - was Re: [OT] Isolationist vs. Non-Interventionist [was: Re: HB 139]

Benjamin Bytheway ben at
Thu Jan 24 13:21:56 MST 2008

> Hmm.  Given that the US is a country with a massive trade deficit, this
> is quite possibly one of the most bizarre ideas I have ever heard.  And
> no, enacting protectionist policies will not change this trade deficit,
> and I don't think it benefits American industry.  If anything it puts
> them at a disadvantage because they will be cut off from access to the
> world's markets.

Umm, Ron Paul isn't a protectionist.  He's for free trade with everyone, but
on our terms and not dictated to us by some worldwide organization.  He
wouldn't be implementing protectionist tariffs to protect American
industries.  In fact, he's all for trading with places like Cuba, not
something exactly looked well upon by the UN, WTO, etc.

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