Isolationist vs. Non-Interventionist [was: Re: HB 139]

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Jan 24 11:23:19 MST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008 10:38 AM, Nathan Blackham <kemotaha at> wrote:
> I agree that we shouldn't force democracy on everybody.  That isn't the part
> that I call isolationist.  It is that Ron Paul ( at least from his
> presidential bid website) thinks that all the international organizations
> are bad :
> "So called free trade deals and world governmental organizations like the
> International Criminal Court (ICC), NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and CAFTA are a threat
> to our independence as a nation."
> "We must withdraw from any organizations and trade deals that infringe upon
> the freedom and independence of the United States of America."

Wow.  I like Ron Paul even more now.

> He also includes the UN as part of those organizations.  I would call this
> an isolationist.  I feel that we need to work within some of these
> organizations to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Can it get any better?  Go Ron!  The UN is THE most corrupt cesspool
of dog vomit.  They are 100% anti-American, pro-world government, and
their taking up prime real estate in NYC.  Kick them out!!

> I do understand that not everyone views him as an isolationist.  From my
> reading on his website, it has led me to this conclusion.  I understand that
> he still wants to trade with the rest of the world, he just doesn't want to
> do it in a framework that has been built to promote fair trade.

That would be consistent with the framework of our founding fathers.
The government should have power to tax profits (income is not profit
it is a trade) via corporate tax, and apply tariffs to incoming goods.
 America is the largest SHOPPING MALL in the world.  Countries who
want to sell goods in the world's largest shopping mall should pay for
the privilege to do so -- not unlike a vendor having to rent a store
front in a real mall.  I know it's not quite this simple, but "fair
trade" laws exist so that globalized corporations can make a product
in China, India, etc., and then bring it into America without having
to pay a dime.  This produces a trade imbalance, blah, blah, blah...
It's bad.  Bad business model for Americans.  Good business model for
global corporations...  Of which I'm a minor share holder...  Woohoo!!
 Go 401k go!

> Nathan

Thank you for further illustrating the virtues of Ron Paul.  BTW - I'm
not a Ron-ulan.


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