[OT] Foreign Policy (was: HB 139 (Wireless Internet Access Requirements, Chief Sponsor: Bradley M. Daw))

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Thu Jan 24 10:37:14 MST 2008

I agree.
By the way to start a second thread of discussion thats sort of related...

We have electronic voting here in Utah County.
I have heard a lot of reports in regards to possible issues with vote
fraud due to the easey hackability of electronic voting machines.
During the November balloting I was hired as an poll manager, and ran
a voting precinct, mostly out of patriotic duty, but also out of
concern for the possibility of tampering.  I wanted to learn what was
really going on with these machines.

Let me tell you,  Electronic voting in Utah County has numerous
safeguards in place to prevent tampering.

First of all the memory cards which log each vote, store the
information encrypted.  Additionally each memory card has a GUID which
is logged to a particular machine.  So only a single card may be used
with a single machine and you could not turn in a "preloaded" card,
without foreknowledge of the GUID for that particular card.

Secondly there is a paper trail, each machine has what is effectively
a "receipt tape", which serves as a second method of logging votes.

Thirdly there is a voter register that each voter must sign,
essentially saying "I showed up to vote"

At the end of the day a report is run, if there is any discrepancy
between the number of votes on the machine, in either it's memory
card, or it's receipt tape, and the voter register, the poll workers
are not allowed to go home, they must strive to resolve the

In my case we had 1 machine that crashed and required a reboot, this
happened in the middle of a person voting.
This caused the machine to register 1 extra ballot. (The ballot was a
partial), and required the use of a traditional paper ballot to allow
the voter to complete his voting.
The paper work to reconcile just that single anomaly is pretty hefty
stuff and requires the sworn statements of both the poll manager and
the assistant manager, at the end of the day.

They have policies detailing what to do in the event of any one of
numerous possible failure scenarios.

Suffice it to say, I am very impressed with the system we have here in
Utah County.  While not completely "unhackable", it would take a
conspiracy at several levels of the election board to throw an
election in one direction or the other.


On Jan 24, 2008 10:08 AM, Corey Edwards <tensai at zmonkey.org> wrote:
> Discussing politics of regulating technology: easily on topic.
> Discussing foreign policy: definitely off topic and not likely to bring
> about any useful conclusion.
> I respectfully request that we end this tangent to the original thread.
> Corey
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