LVM in enterprise

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Wed Jan 23 16:41:48 MST 2008

Dave Long wrote:
> My manager has used Veritas Volume Manager extensively and swares by
> it.  However, the license fees per processor can be quite rediculous,
> so I suggested LVM.  I was wondering what your experiences with LVM2
> in an enterprise environment have been and would you be confident in
> replacing Veritas with LVM?

I've had only one problem with LVM.  I couldn't use snapshots with ext3, 
only ext2.  This was on RHEL 3, and I haven't tested for over a year 
now, so this is somewhat out of date anecdotal information.  When we 
tried to take a snapshot of an ext3 partition, though, we always got a 
kernel panic.


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