HB 139 (Wireless Internet Access Requirements, Chief Sponsor: Bradley M. Daw)

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 16:09:16 MST 2008


My name is Steven, I am one of your constituents, I live in Orem, and
after reading HB 139 I am sorry to say I voted for you.
This bill, http://le.utah.gov/~2008/bills/hbillint/hb0139.htm
represents the diametric opposite of everything you claim to

According to your website http://www.braddaw.com/

You claim you are... "Solidly conservative. I believe in limited
government, low taxes, property and gun ownership rights.."
HB 139 now increases the role of the government, by creating 2 new
crimes that will have to go through the court system, and furthermore
it deprives property owners of their rights to freely share their
property for the betterment of others.
This bill is the equivalent of passing a law that says "You must build
a 10 foot tall razor wire fence around your property, so that kids
cannot play hide and seek in your back yard."  In other words, it's a
bit silly and impossible to enforce properly.

Furthermore you claim you are a, "Technology expert. My profession in
computer engineering gives me additional insight into technology
issues facing Utah..."
If you are a technology expert than you should be well aware of the
following facts...

#1 Minors can have Credit Cards, every bank gives them out like candy
now days, even the local gas station will give you a pre-paid credit
Visa or Mastercard for a $5.00 reloading charge.
#2 There is no conceivable way to implement this plan i.e. allowing
some to connect while disallowing others, while still maintaining an
"open" wireless network.  What you describe is in fact the exact
opposite of open.  It is a closed network, where only a few are
allowed to connect, and only if they have their "papers".  You are in
essence saying "no more free and open WiFi in the State of Utah".
This will have the effect of making Utah the laughing stock of the
nation as other communities begin to build out open wifi
infrastructure and reap the benefits of the free flow of information.
#3 This bill would effectively kill the community WiFi initiatives
such as the one put into place by Salt Lake City and Xmission, that
allow for ubiquitous wifi access in downtown Salt Lake, and even areas
such as Liberty park.

I am not writing this letter to urge you to change your opinion.
I am writing this letter to inform you that by sponsoring this bill,
you have lost my confidence and my vote.
In the future I will work directly against you to make sure that you
are not re-elected, since you clearly do not represent the interests
of those you claim to serve.
You sir are a fraud, and by sponsoring this legislation you have proven it.

I am submitting this letter and this information to several local
technology group mailing lists, since you are a "technology expert"
according to your bio, you know it will become a permanent part of the
internet.  One that I hope your opponents are able to use against you
in the coming elections.


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