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Michael L Torrie torriem at
Wed Jan 23 14:13:59 MST 2008

Lonnie Olson wrote:
> Dave Long wrote:
>> My manager has used Veritas Volume Manager extensively and swares by
>> it.  However, the license fees per processor can be quite rediculous,
>> so I suggested LVM.  I was wondering what your experiences with LVM2
>> in an enterprise environment have been and would you be confident in
>> replacing Veritas with LVM?
> LVM is totally awesome and stable.  Not quite as cool as ZFS, but that 
> isn't yet stable on Linux just yet.
> Go for it.
> Just know that getting a root partition on LVM can require some hoops to 
> jump through, though not impossible.

Actually it's the boot partition that probably will cause the most
amount of trouble. Grub, last I checked, doesn't work well with LVM to
fetch kernels and stuff.  As for root partitions, the initial ramdisks
on any modern distro will support LVM and auto-discovery of LVM volumes.
In fact the default install of Fedora has used LVM for root for a couple
of years now.

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