RIP Gentoo

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 23 11:50:48 MST 2008

I've used about every distro out there.

Every 6 months or so I'll download the latest stable release from each
major family of linux (RPM, DEB, Source Compiled etc) and give it a
For the last 2 years I've been extremely pleased with my Ubuntu
experience (Ubuntu family anyways), and use it pretty much

However as of late I'm growing more and more dis-satisfied with the
Ubuntu x64 desktop experience.
Flash and Java are both broken on my system, and try as I might I
can't seem to repair them.
Now this might be a problem with all versions of Linux in the x64
family,  I haven't experimented enough to say for sure.
But for me at least Flash and Java on x64 are nearly deal breakers for me.

That said, the Ubuntu family has the broadest support base out there,
and people in the forums are usually pretty quick to solve any
problems that you may run into.


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