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Michael L Torrie torriem at
Wed Jan 23 11:13:55 MST 2008

Corey Edwards wrote:
> Nor would I, although we did run into a bug with a combination of a Dell
> PowerVault and LVM which caused the volumes to stop responding whenever
> we created more than a single snapshot. We never did find a solution
> other than just making one snapshot. Still, it's been solid every other
> time I've used it and I wouldn't hesitate again.
> What are the features of Veritas that he likes? I've never used it
> before so have no idea if LVM would be a comparable replacement.

Also, be careful when making writable snapshots.  If you make a writable
snapshot of size x and then modify more than x worth of blocks on the
original file system, the Linux kernel will fail in a spectacular way.
This would happen for any type of snapshot, actually.  That said,
writable snapshots are very useful when you do them correctly.

I wonder if anything could be done to make Linux handle I/O errors more
gracefully.  Seems like even CDROM read errors can sometimes drag the
entire system to a halt, with everything hitting the uninterruptible
sleep state.

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