RIP Gentoo

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Wed Jan 23 08:25:49 MST 2008

Jeff asked:

> Has anyone else had any struggles with choosing (or un-choosing) a
> distro?

I was a Red Hat user for many years back in the 90's, and one day I woke 
up and felt like they'd become too corporate.  They were all 
about "enterprise this" and "support contract that" and the easygoing 
leading-edge stuff was gone.  Even today, I work with some companies 
who use RHEL and tell me they can't upgrade to, say, PHP 5 because 
it's "too bleeding edge" and the repositories don't support that kind 
of craziness and whatever.  (I realize this isn't entirely true, but 
that's the perception these guys get and I think RHEL pushes 
that "stability and security" thing enough that people feel like they 
can't run recent packages as a result.)

I've experimented with several distros, including Gentoo and even a 
roll-your-own that I built myself based on Linux from Scratch, but for 
the last few years I've been a happy Kubuntu user.  They're bleeding 
edge and have an element of fun about them.

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