RIP Gentoo

Jason Edwards jtanium at
Wed Jan 23 06:01:57 MST 2008

I constantly struggle to find a distro I'm happy with.  I remember
when I grew tired of Gentoo, and our relationship became a love-hate
one.  All I can say is, try and decide what are the most important
thing(s) in an OS is to you, and find a distro with those qualities.

GoboLinux is really cool.  They have made some tools, to build
software for their system, which are awesome.


On Jan 23, 2008 1:41 AM, Jeff Anderson <jefferya at> wrote:
> I have been a gentoo user for quite a while now. I don't believe I will
> hit the five year mark, as I have decided to convert to Arch linux.
> I really botched my system with the last set of upgrades, and I would
> rather wipe my system to start over than fight with it to fix it.
> I'm not totally converting, as I have a vps that runs gentoo.
> My mythbox (for frontend) is currently running debian.
> My wife's computer is on ubuntu.
> I even have a wireless router running linux.
> Choosing a distro can still be hard even after having used linux for
> around a decade. I'm even intrigued by a distro called gobolinux. I
> don't think I'll ever put it on my desktop, but it seems interesting enough.
> Has anyone else had any struggles with choosing (or un-choosing) a distro?
> Jeff Anderson
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