RIP Gentoo

Jeff Anderson jefferya at
Wed Jan 23 01:41:35 MST 2008

I have been a gentoo user for quite a while now. I don't believe I will 
hit the five year mark, as I have decided to convert to Arch linux.
I really botched my system with the last set of upgrades, and I would 
rather wipe my system to start over than fight with it to fix it.

I'm not totally converting, as I have a vps that runs gentoo.
My mythbox (for frontend) is currently running debian.
My wife's computer is on ubuntu.
I even have a wireless router running linux.

Choosing a distro can still be hard even after having used linux for 
around a decade. I'm even intrigued by a distro called gobolinux. I 
don't think I'll ever put it on my desktop, but it seems interesting enough.

Has anyone else had any struggles with choosing (or un-choosing) a distro?

Jeff Anderson

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