Freedom and Greed

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> > I must be one of those people that don't agree on anything being
> universal.
> > ;)
> Would you mind telling me where you live?  I know a group of thugs
> that would like to take your stuff and kill you for fun, and they
> don't think there's anything wrong with that, so you don't have any
> objection, do you?

I was going to go down the serial killer route.... There isn't a universal
right to life and property; some cultures live in such a way that there is
no property ownership-- everyone in the society has equal access to all
items, and they may simply leave them behind when they move on; is it
temporary ownership, soceity ownership, or no ownership-- up to you to
assume, I guess..

If you take a gander outside of the box, you'll notice that most of what you
believe, know, and agree to be true, is only so based on your society, and
is in no way universal..  Everything is based on society, and it's up to us
to adhere to what our society believes to be right and wrong, or not to and
suffer the consequences (good, or bad).  Focus on my above use of the word
agree.. We all agree with what we are comfortable with or what we are pushed
into; that doesn't mean it's universal, that just means we have validated it
ourselves in a way that we can agree with it.


> (For the record, the above scenario is purely fictional and is meant
> to illustrate the universal nature of the human right to life and
> property ownership.  It should in no way be construed as a threat.)
>                --Levi
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