Drupal Designer Needed

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 13:36:18 MST 2008

I have a client who has a pretty decent Drupal based web site.
It renders great in I.E. but it looks really bad in pretty much
everything else including Safari, Opera and Firefox.
Near as I can tell the template and it's outputted html code are
pretty standards compliant, but the site is making heavy use of CSS
and eschewing tables.
I can't see why the site won't render properly in anything other than
IE, nothing IE specific is being used, and when it was originally
made, it looked basically the same in all browsers.

Anyways if anyone would like to pick up some extra work, and has
experience working with Drupal templates and CSS, please drop me a
line and I'll put you in touch.


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