Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

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Tue Jan 22 10:25:20 MST 2008

* Levi Pearson [Tue, 22 Jan 2008 at 10:15 -0700]
> Von Fugal <von at> writes:
> > In fact sad sad is the day you want to use an old piece of software
> > (maybe a game, most likely in fact) that is long gone and not only no
> > longer supported but it's not even purchasable AT ALL. It's terribly
> > selfish of one to think that nobody will ever want to use their software
> > and improve upon it once they are gone or have lost interest in it. That
> > may be their "right" under current law, but it's a crying shame when it
> > happens.
> It's only sad in the sense that it's sad when you don't get your way.
> It's just the way things work that if a manufactured product (and a
> binary program is, in a way, manufactured from source code) ceases to
> be produced and sold, then eventually you can't buy and use it easily
> anymore.  Sure, it would be nice if people would open source their
> software so that you could play all the old-school games you feel
> nostalgic about, but they have no moral imperative to do so, and you
> have no right to compel them to.
> Free software advocates really do seem to have a tremendous sense of
> entitlement!

I never said I or anyone was entitled to anything. I may have meant
something along the lines of software writers aren't entitled to bring
their creations to the grave with them, but saying someone lacks a
certain entitlement doesn't necessitate another inverse entitlement. In
fact what I actually said was that it was selfish. Many people do
selfish things all the time, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
They are completely justified in a legal sense to being selfish, but
that doesn't make it not selfish.

Von Fugal
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