Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Jan 22 09:14:44 MST 2008

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> How long can a disconnected Mac typically sleep without running its 
> batteries out?  That's the real trick.  If my laptop could sleep for a 
> little more than a week, I would no longer have a reason to shut it off. 
>   Unfortunately, mine only lasts a couple of days.  I used to have a 
> laptop that could automatically hibernate itself after a few hours of 
> sleep, which was nice.  I haven't tried that trick on this one.

On a new battery my PowerBook 12" sleeps for about a week.  If I use the
machine every day (plugging it in), then I for sure never need ever turn
it off.  Actually I haven't turned it off deliberately since it was new
4 years ago.  Right now it will sleep for 3-4 days.  Right now I use my
laptop several times a week, so I tend to plug it in at night just to
keep the battery topped off.

I'd prefer a laptop hibernate itself after the battery runs low during

> Shane
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