Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

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Tue Jan 22 01:03:28 MST 2008

* Levi Pearson [Mon, 21 Jan 2008 at 20:36 -0700]
> "Doran L. Barton" <fozz at> writes:
> > He postulated that software, by itself is worthless. As evidence of
> > this, he observed what happens to the price of a particular piece of
> > software after the computer that produces it goes out of business.
> > The answer: bargain bin or trash.
> Clearly software by itself is worthless.  It needs that computer to
> run on. :) I guess you meant 'company' here, though.
> That aside, I don't think that the reasoning behind that is completely
> solid.  It's rare that a company owning a piece of software that's
> selling well goes out of business and leaves that software without
> support.  Another company will typicall buy the rights to the software
> and continue to support it.  The exceptions to this that I've seen
> tend to be the kind of software that stales quickly anyway, such as
> games.

In fact sad sad is the day you want to use an old piece of software
(maybe a game, most likely in fact) that is long gone and not only no
longer supported but it's not even purchasable AT ALL. It's terribly
selfish of one to think that nobody will ever want to use their software
and improve upon it once they are gone or have lost interest in it. That
may be their "right" under current law, but it's a crying shame when it

Von Fugal
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