Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Mon Jan 21 22:12:38 MST 2008

On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 10:44:43AM -0700, Michael L Torrie wrote:
> This thread has been enlightening, to say the least.  But not super
> encouraging.  What I'm getting from this thread is that suspend to ram
> is possible on some laptops.  But it may require some assembly.

Ubuntu 7.10 just fell into place on my Thinkpad R51
(, including
suspending. While I haven't tried suspending to RAM, suspending to
hard drive works just fine.

> Furthermore from what Thinkpad owners have told me (this extends to all
> Linux laptops from what I can see) that battery life is well below
> Windows XP on the same machine.  3 hours is considered "good" for a T61p
> with a 9 cell battery.  So for a variety of reasons, many of which would

I get more than 4.5 hours out of my 6.6 amp-hour (??) battery.

> seem to be beyond our control as Linux hackers, power management on
> Linux just isn't there yet.  This point of view, according to a slashdot
> comment criticizing me, is FUD, but oh well.
> I recently started playing a bit with Powertop[1].  For fedora or ubuntu
> users I'm sure it's in the standard repositories.

aptitude install powertop

Very nice, thank you. It is from Intel, so who knows what it will do
on AMD processors/chipsets.

> Using powertop is very interesting.  I recommend that anyone with
> Linux on their laptop install it and see what it says.  It will
> track power usage (when not on AC power), CPU states, interrupts and
> so forth.  On a desktop machine

Actually it runs just fine while plugged in, which means it is good
preparation for running on battery. While plugged in, right now my
processor is running at 600 MHz 97% of the time, and 95% in C2 state,
whatever that means.


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