Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Lonnie Olson lists at
Mon Jan 21 15:36:37 MST 2008

Levi Pearson wrote:
> Any assertion that those rights *are* universal must be religious,
> since they clearly aren't fundamental to human nature and only God
> could choose to grant them universally. :P

Any assertion that those rights are *not* universal must also equally be 
religious.  I did not say these rights are universal.  I agree that they 
are "negotiable rights", but your statement connecting any rights 
definition on "human nature" and/or "God" is also religious.  Don't 
claim it not be.

> That would be mis-education based on a faulty understanding (or
> correct understanding and deliberate misuse) of heavily-loaded terms
> like 'freedom' and 'right'.  Copying or modifying someone's software
> against their will is just as unkind, and telling them that they can't
> exercise their copyright is just as freedom-restricting.  Telling
> people that everyone ought to have these four freedoms doesn't make it
> so.  Calling people who release their software under different terms
> 'unkind' is just being childish and anti-social.

Developing non-free software is anti-social.  It prevents me from 
sharing with my fellow society members.  It prevents me from helping 
friends by adding needed features to their software for them.  It 
prevents me from innovating on top of other's innovation.

The biggest point of the Free Software movement is to educate people of 
the benefits of Free Software, and the amazing opportunities these 
freedoms grant.  This education is aimed at getting more people to 
demand and seize these important opportunities to enrich our societies 
and help our fellow man.  By refusing to use non-free software we can 
demonstrate that people understand the importance of these freedoms and 
realize their value.

I know I am never going to convince you, Levi, about the important 
benefits of these freedoms, since you admit that you will flush them 
away at will.

I am done.


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