Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Levi Pearson levi at
Mon Jan 21 14:05:09 MST 2008

Justin Findlay <justin at> writes:

> I don't even recall changing keys.  If it's irrelevant then my whole
> point is irrelevant.  Do you question my taste because I don't like OS
> X?  Do I have moral obligation to praise Apple's glossy desktop and
> polished apps? :-)

I believe you earlier said you were avoiding commercial software on
principle.  That's a different matter than avoiding it for reasons of
cost and taste.

>> I'm not looking for a 'FLOSS' vs 'Proprietary' debate.  I don't think
>> there's any purpose to such a thing except to draw zealots out of the
>> woodwork to make noise.
> Such appears to have happened.

I think you have misinterpreted me.  I am not arguing one vs. the
other, I am arguing that excluding one or the other based on
'principle' is misguided.


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