State of Live Support

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Jan 21 12:44:27 MST 2008

On 21 Jan 2008, at 12:42, Brandon Stout wrote:

> I've seen some companies use a web interface with,  
> and
> a bot such as infobot for logging.
> Brandon Stout
> Stout Hosting LLC
> Steve wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I've got a client who is looking to add a live support option to  
>> his website.
>> He's willing to pay people that will take chats etc, but would  
>> preffer
>> a live support option that is fully open sourced, and prefferably
>> GPL'd
>> Most of what I'm finding out there is either (a) Crap, or (b)  
>> Licensed per seat.
>> A couple of must haves, would be auto chat logging, for manager  
>> review
>> as well as an escalation function in case the tech gets in over
>> his/her head and preferably fully rebrandable.
>> Can anyone help me make any recommendations?

Where is a good robot when you need one?  There are some AI programs  
out there that you could feed your KB to and let them do much of your  
front line support.  Might be an idea.

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