Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Mon Jan 21 12:35:10 MST 2008

Not long ago, Justin Findlay proclaimed...
> On AD 2008 January 21 Monday 05:05:40 AM -0700, Levi Pearson wrote:
> > No religion here, folks.  Nope, just pure reasoned principles!
> No religion to me, though I know I've been guilty of 'religion' before.
> I don't use windows because I hate it, but that's the subject of another
> email message.  I don't use OS X because I don't like it and it's out of
> my price range.

Wahoo! A strongly-worded discussion to jump in on!

I've very much an advocate of open source software. I believe for most uses
of computers, open source software and the open source model is likely to
be best, especially in the long run. But, I've been on this bandwagon long
enough to agree wholeheartedly with Levi. I take more of a Linus Torvalds
stand than a Richard Stallman stand: Open source is about choice and
broadening the field of choices available to users. Whether that is
providing a complete operating environment capable of getting your work
done on a laptop or giving you a few open source tools that make you more
productive in a Windows or other proprietary enviornment, there is no
"WrongWay(tm)" to do open source software except one that says "You must do
it This Way and no other" because that's contrary to the spirit of open

I still use Windows to do video editing because I haven't found anything in
the open source world that allows me to be nearly as productive. However, I
do employ open source tools like GIMP, avidemux2, transcode, and others in
my video production projects. I hope, someday, a professional-quality open
source non-linear media editor will become available so that I can use it
in Linux, if for no other reason than to have some confidence bugs will get
identified and fixed.

Thank you for this opportunity to voice my thoughts. Amen! Not sure what
for, but just to irritate Levi. ;-)

fozz at is Doran L. "Fozz" Barton
 "Eat your fingers off!"
    -- KFC's 'finger lookin good' as it was translated into Chinese
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