Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Sun Jan 20 22:05:59 MST 2008

On Jan 19, 2008 4:38 PM, Justin Findlay <justin at> wrote:
> On AD 2008 January 19 Saturday 02:42:23 PM -0700, Justin Findlay wrote:
> > Um, that's not a religious decision.  It's about freedom.  I guess you
> > wouldn't understand since you're OK with whatever Apple puts out.

I would consider that to be a religious thing, but I also see your
point clearly, so we can agree to disagree on that.  I do happen to be
okay with _most_ of what Apple puts out.  For example, I choose to use
Pages over OpenOffice writer because Pages kicks OO writer in the
teeth.  There are a lot of apps that I use on my Mac that are free as
in beer, but not free as in completely open.  I use them A: because
there is no FOSS alternative that I've yet seen and liked, and B:
because I'm not willing to pay the premium price tag on Apple's

> In that case I guess religion goes both ways.  Similarly to what Michael
> points out the freedom issue to me is about me doing with my computer
> what I want in the way that I want/need whether it's changing the
> desktop theme or modifying a kernel module or custom patching an
> application.  Before you say 'but on OS X you can do all those things
> ...', you can't really do all of them.  OS X isn't completely open
> source and that's the deal breaker for me.  I just don't want to use
> software that doesn't allow me that freedom.  That's my personal choice.
> Obviously I'm not going to need all of my software to be open source to
> have the same effect, but why settle for that?  It may seem religious to
> you but to me it is based on principle.

Being based on principle is what I meant by "religious".  As I said
above, I've chosen to use what I consider works best for my needs,
with a price cap based on the necessity of being a poor student.  I'm
not saying that either of our choices is better than the other, which
is why--to me--it falls under the "religious debate" category.

What I am saying is that in my experience, OSX has proven exceptional
in speed, battery life, and utility (sleep/wake etc.).  It has
performed as well or better than the Linux/OSS equivalents I used
until last year.  I'm not an ardent supporter of closed source
software, but I am willing to pay a little for software that best
meets my needs (hence the fact that there are no Microsoft products in
my collection besides the ones I'm forced to use for classes).

Alex Esplin

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