OT now - Re: Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Sat Jan 19 15:21:02 MST 2008

Justin Findlay wrote:
> On AD 2008 January 19 Saturday 01:03:40 PM -0700, Alex Esplin wrote:
>> Your second argument kind of trumps your first one.  Thanks to the
>> efforts of fink and/or macports, almost every packaged available for
>> linux is available for OSX.  A couple that weren't available as
>> binaries work very well compiled from source.  Time Machine has saved
>> my bacon a couple of times already, so as far as I'm concerned Leopard
>> was worth the $80 I paid for it.  But as a "religious" decision, i.e.
>> "I will never rely on proprietary software again", none of that
>> matters.
> Um, that's not a religious decision.  It's about freedom.  I guess you
> wouldn't understand since you're OK with whatever Apple puts out.

As far as "freedom" goes, the OS really has little to do with it.  The
freedom comes in the toolsets and the software you use on a daily basis,
and the ability to freely pass between one OS and another.  For example,
deciding whether or not to program in Python with MatPlotlib or using
Matlab is a far more important decision than if you are going to run on
Windows, Mac, or Linux.  In short, the OS doesn't matter for the most
part.  I happen to prefer Linux in many ways, and OS X in some ways, and
never Windows.  I hate being locked into a proprietary solution, like
having tons of legacy code in Matlab, or Windows-only applications.
It's unfortunate that many so-called free software advocates would
rather only have their OSS software available on Linux or other "Free"
OS's.  That's a poor decision in my opinion.  Being cross-platform
(portable!) is far more important than being a "Linux" application.
That's one reason I am really excited to see much of KDE 4 ported to
Windows and OS X.

As much as I prefer working on Linux and Gnome, really basic things like
out-of-the-box sleep on a laptop are deal makers or breakers for me.
Seems to me that many of us linux promoters make excuses for our
favorite OS, and put up with lots of things that really are just broken
in Linux (being worked on, though!).  The same happens for Mac fanboys
too, granted.

> Justin
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