Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Justin Findlay justin at
Fri Jan 18 23:40:27 MST 2008

On AD 2008 January 18 Friday 10:50:04 PM -0700, Alex Esplin wrote:
> You probably don't need to read this, because you hear it fairly often
> at work, but I'd go with the MacBook.  Now that Leopard has given us a
> decent terminal, my Mac for all intents and purposes acts like my
> Linux box, but with lots of added benefits.  And after watching me
> torture test some of the newer Macs we've gotten in the office, I
> don't think that speed is going to be an issue.

It is interesting you say this.  My experience is exactly opposite.
Linux does all I want and more (in the way I want it to) whereas Macs
aren't as fun/easy to use.  The concept of a distro with updates and a
universe of packages seems to be a Linux-only concept even in 2008.
Macs may have updates but you have to pay for them.  Besides that, every
time I use a Mac it always feels like (certainly less so than a Windows
machine) I'm being forced into how Apple wants me to use a computer
rather than how I want to use the computer.  Linux distros let me do

It may seem that I have very narrow computing requirements, but part of
the reason for this is that 6 years ago I decided I'd never rely on
proprietary software ever again.  That may have temporarily cut down on
my productivity or space of software to choose from but now that I look
back I haven't missed much.  I was willing to shift a fundamental
paradigm and it turned out to be educational and very rewarding.


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