Linux laptops, revisited (can any sleep like my PowerBook does?)

Jeff Anderson jefferya at
Fri Jan 18 16:50:24 MST 2008

I bought a macbook pro with the intention of installing linux on it. I 
have been using os x, and I'm perfectly happy with the functionality it 
gives me. I am interested in how well linux would perform on it (sleep 
and wireless network specifically). I have read docs on getting linux 
working on the macbook/macbook pro and the results seem promising.

Jeff Anderson

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> So I'm almost in the market for a new laptop.  My old machine is a
> PowerBook 12" with OSX.  Right now my choice is really between a
> Thinkpad T61 14" and a MacBook.  I would be interested in the Thinkpad
> X61, but I really kind of like the trackpad.
> Now giving up OS X will be very difficult, but it's bearable if Linux
> runs well on it.  People tell me that Thinkpads run Linux the best of
> any laptop out there.  However I have yet to hear of any laptop (even
> the EeePC!) that can successfully suspend and resume like my venerable
> PowerBook has always done.  Does anyone have Linux sleeping nicely on
> any laptop (especially a thinkpad)?  I mean can I just close the lid,
> have it pulse it's little power light, then pop the lid and start
> working?  I know many people have hibernate working, but that's not
> really what I want.  Maybe Apple has spoiled me, but it seems like this
> is a basic essential function.
> What are my chances?  Should I just abandon the idea of a Linux laptop
> and buy a MacBook?

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