What are the right questions to ask?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 14:56:56 MST 2008

On Thu, 2008-01-17 at 13:59 -0700, Steve wrote:
> Linux isn't uber anymore folks.  My 10 year old niece runs it
> exclusively on her laptop.  Her mother is the "sys-admin" for their
> home.  Neither of these people are really "computer people".  My 70
> something year old mother runs her Neuros OSD and even upgraded her
> own firmware the other night, she called me and let me know... I'm so
> impressed :)
> My wife (who owns a Mac incidently), recommended to her girlfriend
> that she ditch windows and install Linux.

I have relatives who use Linux too with basically the same results.

> Any rebuttals?

The thing is that to a business the mail server really isn't a linux or
windows mail server it's just a mail server.  The OS is completely
irrelevant, or should be.  The troubles you described, in a business
context, seem more a systems administration problem than an OS problem.
I really truly believe the problem could have been prevented on any OS
and I also believe that similar problems afflict Linux, in a business

I'm not saying they shouldn't switch, particularly on the server side
they probably should.  But it would be a mistake to let them think it's
going to be easy or cheap.  And there really needs to be a contract of
some kind with someone or some company that knows what they're doing.

Also I don't mean to criticize anyone personally.  I've made my share of
IT mistakes.  Even pushed a few grad students off the deep end...  sigh.

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