What are the right questions to ask?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 13:24:38 MST 2008

My advice is to get professional help.  The last thing Linux needs is
another dissatisfied customer.  If they really want to move to Linux
on a large scale they need to figure out how much that's really going
to cost them and then pay for it.  It's never as simple as just
reinstalling everything.  I'm not suggesting any particular company
but this is not a hobby project.

It sounds like they're a small business.  They probably don't have a
full time sysadmin and they probably shouldn't but you can guarantee
they'll need someone there full time to hold their hands for the first
several months if not years.

Moving to Linux right after a colossal failure of Windows doesn't
sound like a good business move anyway.  They ought to wait until the
fog clears and think about it rationally.  Good business decisions
aren't driven by fear.

They also need to find out how well their windows apps run under wine
before spending even a dime on a transition as that could be a

Sorry if that sounds anti-Linux, it's not.  But I do think that Linux
is hard to transition to and hard = expensive if time = money.  So
many bad things could come of this.

I'm also going to guess that the real reason this whole thing happened
is that they were trying not to pay for IT.  Either they didn't have a
sysadmin, they hired the cheapest one they could get, or someone in
the company (possibly higher up in the company) thought they could do
it themselves.  Also someone trusted McAfee.  Ha.

Not knowing what their computing needs are is also very very suspicious.

Okay, must. stop. rant.

And definitely not Gentoo.  Unless you've got an IT shop that
specializes in supporting it at a fair price.

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