What are the right questions to ask?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Jan 17 12:23:05 MST 2008

On 17 Jan 2008, at 09:40, Steve wrote:

> Anyways thanks to linux we saved the day.

Woohoo!  Go Linux!

> This got us on to a discussion of the benefits of using Linux in a
> corporate environment vs running windows.
> He's sold on the concept so now all we need to do is determine what
> distro would meet their needs the best.

Of the distros that I have used I have been most impressed with  
Gentoo.  I worked at Novell for a couple of years so I got to work  
with SuSE and enjoyed that one also.  A couple good questions that  
need to be asked are:  Will there be a dedicated Linux admin on site?  
and, What flavor does that Linux admin like best.  Linux is Linux,  
just like ice cream is ice cream.  The different flavors just suit  
different tastes.

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