What are the right questions to ask?

William Attwood wattwood at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 10:21:14 MST 2008

I suggest looking into Zimbra (www.zimbra.com) for a good replacement to
Exchange.  If you don't need the calendar synch between a desktop machine
(Outlook 2007) and Zimbra, shoot for the free version.  So far, we've used
it at 2 corporations I've worked in.


On Jan 17, 2008 10:12 AM, Nicholas Leippe <nick at leippe.com> wrote:

> > There are a few proprietary windows apps which cannot be replaced, but
> > I'm relatively certain they could run in wine.
> Be sure this does in fact run under wine, or you're probably blocked right
> there, unless it is only used rarely, in which case a single windows
> machine
> could remain that people could vnc or remote desktop to...
> > So far I'm getting ready to ask the following...
> > Are there good linux replacements for exchange in this context?
> Since it's only doing email and no calendaring, I should think any
> server combination would be good. Take your pick: sendmail, postmaster,
> qmail, etc.
> For spam filtering, there are several options: assp, or plugins that work
> with
> your smtp server of choice. You can use clamav for antivirus.
> > What Linux app would you use to replace a PDC?
> samba can function as a PDC. AFAIK, there are no other alternatives.
> > Additionally there is a single large copier/printer/fax that is hooked
> > up to the machine and it's being shared through the network via the
> > main box, what are the odds that this thing has got good drivers for
> > Linux?
> Just google for it and see...
> >
> > Can you folks help me come up with more questions (and possibly
> > answers) that we should ask/answer and have ready to make this
> > company's transition to Linux as seamless as possible?
> What are their processes? What document formats do they use, and are they
> all
> supported well with open source software?
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