What are the right questions to ask?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Thu Jan 17 10:12:17 MST 2008

> There are a few proprietary windows apps which cannot be replaced, but
> I'm relatively certain they could run in wine.

Be sure this does in fact run under wine, or you're probably blocked right 
there, unless it is only used rarely, in which case a single windows machine
could remain that people could vnc or remote desktop to...

> So far I'm getting ready to ask the following...
> Are there good linux replacements for exchange in this context?

Since it's only doing email and no calendaring, I should think any SMTP+IMAP 
server combination would be good. Take your pick: sendmail, postmaster, 
qmail, etc.
For spam filtering, there are several options: assp, or plugins that work with 
your smtp server of choice. You can use clamav for antivirus.

> What Linux app would you use to replace a PDC?

samba can function as a PDC. AFAIK, there are no other alternatives.

> Additionally there is a single large copier/printer/fax that is hooked
> up to the machine and it's being shared through the network via the
> main box, what are the odds that this thing has got good drivers for
> Linux?

Just google for it and see...

> Can you folks help me come up with more questions (and possibly
> answers) that we should ask/answer and have ready to make this
> company's transition to Linux as seamless as possible?

What are their processes? What document formats do they use, and are they all
supported well with open source software?

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