Is there a web-designer in the house?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 16 13:09:06 MST 2008

Hey everyone thanks for the suggestions and help.

It turns out smarty was spitting out some invalid HTML, something akin
to tdwidth rather than td width.

I missed it because it was one element in probably 3kloc of poorly
formatted HTML.

Anyways it's all resolved and for the record, smarty isn't very smart.
 The root cause of the problem was an errant line break.
Turns out smarty ignores line breaks in templates and strips
whitespace from the end of lines.
That means that the line reading

width = "20">

Turns into

Just for future reference incase anyone else runs into this.
moral of the story here is use an editor that doesn't wrap lines
automagically after a certain width, when editing smarty templates.

Any ways thanks for all the help everyone.


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