Is there a web-designer in the house?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 16 11:35:32 MST 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a contract job right now fixing a site that was coded
by some outsourcer in India.
It's basically a huge mess, but I think I've finally got it mostly
straightened out.

I need to fix a couple of things with the layout now, and to be
perfectly frank I don't see why the layout isn't displaying correctly.
Is there anyone here who would like to make a quick $50 and get a good
recommendation / reference from me, by taking a look at the HTML, CSS
and etc and helping me pinpoint the breakage?

I need the type of web-designer that eschews frontpage and dreamweaver
but thinks notepad / vi / emacs etc is the best HTML editor ever
Smarty Syntax and PHP experience would be a real plus, although I'm
mostly handling all that part.

There is also a strong possibility that this could end up turning into
a long term maintenance project over time, so it's preferable if you
have the time to take on the long term maintenance should it turn that

You can do this from home telecommuting (or at work if your boss isn't
looking :)

Please email me off list if you would like to help on this.


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