Computers Gone Wild!

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 16 09:11:03 MST 2008

Hey everyone,

I know this is going to sound like a girls gone wild ad but I'm
serious so bear with me.

Over the last few weeks my computer has been acting really strangely.
For instance, sometimes the wireless will drop out for no reason, I
can be sitting 5 feet from the router and *poof*.
Nothing I do will reconnect save restarting X and even that only works
half the time, the other half the time I need a good swift reboot.

Additionally, about once every half hour or so I'll go to press a key
and it will repeat 30-40 times even though the key has traveled
completely back up.  Most times I can interrupt this by hitting the
backspace key or an arrow key.  It seems to happen more frequently the
faster I type.

Finally every couple of days it will determine that there is a CD in
the drive and mount it.  Even though there isn't.  This is the
stangest one of all the recent effects.
Nothing I can do will unmount this thing and it won't tell me where
the CD is supposedly located.  I don't have any ISO images so I'm not
quite sure what to do here.
Viewing properties tells me nothing either, I mean it literally 0
information is present.
The phantom CD is just about the wierdest thing I've ever heard of.
Pretty much the rest of my problems sound like an IRQ issue especially
since my Kernel options have to include irqpoll or the computer won't
even consider booting.  But what about my phantom drive.

Could this be a malware problem?  If what are best practices for
checking a Linux system for malware?


p.s. I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy.

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