Credit Card Processing Recommendation

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 16 08:58:02 MST 2008

Considering my Wife and I share a single credit/debit card they must
think I'm a real fruit, what with all the Victoria Secret, Motherhood
maternity and etc lately.  Since we got married about 6 months ago,
our purchases have tended to be polar opposite.  I buy things we need
like new computers, routers and other doohickeys.  She buys frivolous
things like groceries (who needs groceries when 5 buck pizza
delivers), and clothes.  *sigh*  I hope they don't get there marketing
data too screwed up :)


On Jan 16, 2008 8:52 AM, Jason Hall <jayce at> wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2008 10:42 PM, Mister E <Mister.Ed at> wrote:
> > I just had an twisted thought while writing this though...
> > certification to be a CC company hinchman is yet more fees the CC types
> > get.  So in total, they charge interest on the debt, cut a discount rate
> > and transaction fee off of the back end to facilitate the debt
> > transaction, then create and control a whole industry that can muscle
> > nearly every company in the world into compliance requirements or shut
> > off their revenue streams.  Oh and make sure consumers know through
> > commercials that the world stops if you use cash, which reinforces the
> > cause.  Lots and lots of power if you think about it.
> >
> Oh it's absolutely like that, especially when you tie in with the way
> different currencies are managed now, and how money is exchanged.
> Then beyond the simple control of the money, don't forget everything they
> know about the purchases.  They don't give the average person much of that
> info, but they know a whole *lot* about you.  Tie that with all the amazing
> statistical analysis they can do on that data.  Man just think of what you
> could do knowing all of that.
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