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Tue Jan 15 23:44:51 MST 2008

yeah and the last 3 digits on my credit card are 666 :)

On Jan 15, 2008 10:42 PM, Mister E <Mister.Ed at> wrote:
> Jason Hall wrote:
> > On Jan 15, 2008 9:02 PM, Mister E <Mister.Ed at> wrote:
> >
> >>> Oh, but some of you have heard me rant on that subject before :)
> >> sounds like you have been under the microscope of an agent doing on-site
> >> PCI certs and/or ran into a company that didn't understand how to secure
> >> that data and be compliant.
> >>
> >
> > It's what pays the bills :)  I've been doing financial programming in most
> > every aspect since 97.  I've seen the best and the worst.  From PCI to
> > Sarbox and everything in between, there are lots of Jots and Tittles to deal
> > with, and you really don't want to deal with it unless you know them :)
> >
> > It's best to cover everything *before* the auditors comes to visit.
> >
> > At least it's something that even Utah startups can be convinced of the
> > severity, and hey, not too much competition in the local contract space :)
> fun fun. I think I already knew most of that though. We've talked a
> little in the past.  I've been looking at getting certified in QSV, but
> I'd need some additional folks for the skill sets needed, so I'll be
> pursuing the ASV program for PCI_DSS, if all goes well. Other than that
> I have not looked into invading the local space. I still consider myself
> an "local outsider" in some ways.
> I just had an twisted thought while writing this though...
> certification to be a CC company hinchman is yet more fees the CC types
> get.  So in total, they charge interest on the debt, cut a discount rate
> and transaction fee off of the back end to facilitate the debt
> transaction, then create and control a whole industry that can muscle
> nearly every company in the world into compliance requirements or shut
> off their revenue streams.  Oh and make sure consumers know through
> commercials that the world stops if you use cash, which reinforces the
> cause.  Lots and lots of power if you think about it.
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