Credit Card Processing Recommendation

Jason Hall jayce at
Tue Jan 15 21:39:55 MST 2008

On Jan 15, 2008 9:02 PM, Mister E <Mister.Ed at> wrote:

> > Oh, but some of you have heard me rant on that subject before :)
> sounds like you have been under the microscope of an agent doing on-site
> PCI certs and/or ran into a company that didn't understand how to secure
> that data and be compliant.

It's what pays the bills :)  I've been doing financial programming in most
every aspect since 97.  I've seen the best and the worst.  From PCI to
Sarbox and everything in between, there are lots of Jots and Tittles to deal
with, and you really don't want to deal with it unless you know them :)

It's best to cover everything *before* the auditors comes to visit.

At least it's something that even Utah startups can be convinced of the
severity, and hey, not too much competition in the local contract space :)

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