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Tue Jan 15 14:36:29 MST 2008

+++ Joel Finlinson [15/01/08 11:37 -0700]:
> I value the opinion of the group's collective wisdom and since I've not
> dealt with credit card processing, I'm interested in what you use or would
> like to use if you were starting over.

I have used First National of Omaha as my card processor for nearly 10
years. I have had far too many competing processors call to offer me
service. I have even sent my current processor statement to a few of these,
and NONE have come back with any offer that could BEAT the rates First

My local rep with First here is Frank Siggins at 801.274.0443. I encourage
you to call Frank and see what he can do to help you or your friend, Joel!

> I have a friend that is thinking to change from the current credit card
> processing company to something different because of expense.  They
> currently process less than 100 transactions per month.  The company that
> they are currently leaving is taking the machine so they wonder if they
> should just go machine-less and type all numbers directly into some
> Internet-based processing company.....?

I believe they could just purchase a detached scanner/swiper that would plug
into USB. The advantage with a scanner/swiper, over just entering the data
is the fee rate is a bit higher, when entered manually, instead of being
swiped in, as it tends toward less accuracy. 

> I googled and only came up with 1,400,000 suggestions, so I'm wondering
> which ones you like or recommend.

Give Frank a call and let him know Dr. Jones sent you!

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