Credit Card Processing Recommendation

Jason Hall jayce at
Tue Jan 15 12:58:56 MST 2008

On Jan 15, 2008 11:37 AM, Joel Finlinson <joel at> wrote:

> I value the opinion of the group's collective wisdom and since I've not
> dealt with credit card processing, I'm interested in what you use or would
> like to use if you were starting over.
> I have a friend that is thinking to change from the current credit card
> processing company to something different because of expense.  They
> currently process less than 100 transactions per month.  The company that
> they are currently leaving is taking the machine so they wonder if they
> should just go machineless and type all numbers directly into some
> Internet-based processing company.....?
> I googled and only came up with 1,400,000 suggestions, so I'm wondering
> which ones you like or recommend.
> Any experience and suggestions are appreciated.

Given the low volume of transactions, and the fact that you are doing
card-present transactions, a lot of what you will find in a google search
wont' be what you want.  There are a lot of varied deals, and tons of
middle-men type sales that tend to drive up prices.
Are CC transactions their main business, what rates were they getting, do
they need any kind of code integration, and what kind of deposits are they
willing to live with, what percentage are card-present, and which are
non-present (phone, internet), are you doing recurring billing?  These are
all some of the questions you will want to deal with as you search.

As an contributor in the Business::OnlinePayment interface for Perl, I can
tell you that the 'right' answer from one person, isn't always the right
answer for everybody, based on the above questions and a few more.  Anything
you can tell us could help.

Yes is good for many small businesses (that's their target
market, internet order for smaller business), but not always the correct.
And depending on your salesman, some alternatives can give better pricing.


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