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Matthew Walker rorith at
Tue Jan 15 11:46:32 MST 2008

I can't speak about the business side, but from the programming side, I've always
appreciated's simple and open protocol that doesn't require strange
black-box encryption modules to use. It works over standard form posts with SSL.

And I know they have a virtual terminal you can use as well.

On Tue, January 15, 2008 11:37 am, Joel Finlinson wrote:
> I value the opinion of the group's collective wisdom and since I've not
> dealt with credit card processing, I'm interested in what you use or would
> like to use if you were starting over.
> I have a friend that is thinking to change from the current credit card
> processing company to something different because of expense.  They
> currently process less than 100 transactions per month.  The company that
> they are currently leaving is taking the machine so they wonder if they
> should just go machineless and type all numbers directly into some
> Internet-based processing company.....?
> I googled and only came up with 1,400,000 suggestions, so I'm wondering
> which ones you like or recommend.
> Any experience and suggestions are appreciated.
>    Thanks.
>    JOEL
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