Academics slam Java

Carl Youngblood carl at
Fri Jan 11 11:24:25 MST 2008

On Jan 11, 2008 11:16 AM, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at> wrote:
> I did not read the article.  My comment was actually not directed
> toward the article.  It was more of a blanket outburst at stereo
> typical people who think programming languages have some innate
> quality of evil.  =)

My sentiments exactly.  I think that one thing that academia is
failing us in is teaching people practical aspects of project
management and defensive programming.  Languages can help with this,
but there are always a lot more tips and tricks that should be used
that aren't specific to any language, such as revision control
techniques, testing of various kinds, continuous integration and other
kinds of automation, all of which can determine a project's success or
failure.  Most academics don't teach this stuff because they don't
know it or are very rusty.

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