Brushing up on Perl?

Paul Seamons paul at
Thu Jan 10 11:50:32 MST 2008

> MINE: {last MINE if ($x and grep defined,reverse
> @{$x}{@{$c_data>{value} ||= []}})}

Deconstruct that some

MINE: { # a loop to let us get out
    last if ! $x;
    # find the values to use in the slice
    my $array = $c_data->{'value'} ||= [];

    # take the hash slice
    my $slice = @{$x}{ @$array };

    # look for defined values of slice in reverse order
    foreach my $val (reverse @$slice) {
        next if ! defined $val;
        last MINE;

Really, this thing is a noop as it doesn't accomplish anything.  Hopefully 
this example is a little more understandable.


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