Meeting Wrap-Up

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Jan 10 00:38:38 MST 2008

We had 35 people attend tonight's meeting. A big thank you to all who
participated. Your interest in what's going on with PLUG is key. There is a
lot happening with the group. I've been talking with several organizations who
are really interested in what PLUG has going on. They want to get involved.
I'll be throwing those ideas your way in the coming months to see what you
guys think.

Apologies for having to cut the Q&A short. There was a lot of interest in
tonight's topic. Also, apologies for my brain being in IRC mode. I think I
switched conversations every 5 seconds.

There were so many good ideas and suggestions, there is no way to remember
them all. We'll get to work on trying to make pizza a regular part of
meetings. Or, we can continue to time it right and hijack Omniture
Engineering's pizza party. ;-)

If you have any feedback please send it to the list or to me. The goal here is
to try and make PLUG the kind of group where you get real _value_ from
participating. What is valuable to one person isn't to another, so it is a
tough challenge. Your individual effort is very appreciated. It takes a bit of
sacrifice to come to the meetings and get involved. That sacrifice (you giving
back) is what makes a community great.


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