Perl one liner question?

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Jan 9 10:47:33 MST 2008

Not long ago, Steve proclaimed...
> Got a quick question for you Perl mongers out there.
> Is it possible to list all of a modules dependencies with just a one liner?
> If so what would it look like?

perl -d -MDevel::Modlist=nocore

This, of course, requires that Devel::Modlist is installed. Here's an
example of running this on a CGI script that I was recently working on:

    % perl -d -MDevel::Modlist=nocore the.cgi
    HTML::Element          3.23
    HTML::Entities         1.35
    HTML::Form            1.054
    HTML::Parser           3.56
    HTML::Tagset           3.10
    HTML::TreeBuilder      3.23
    HTTP::Date             1.47
    HTTP::Headers          1.64
    HTTP::Message          1.57
    HTTP::Request          1.40
    HTTP::Response         1.53
    HTTP::Status           1.28
    LWP                   5.808
    LWP::Protocol          1.46
    LWP::UserAgent        2.036
    URI                    1.35
    URI::Escape            3.28


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