Network Solutions is domain front running. Anyone else doing it?

Steve smorrey at
Tue Jan 8 13:36:11 MST 2008

Hey everyone,
I was checking my news today and noticed that network solutions is
domain front running.
As you probably already know, this is the practice of registering
domains as they are being searched for.
I've tested it my self a few times and I can confirm that this is going on.
Go to and type in a random string of characters.
Good chance it will say it's available to register.
Now if you go to , or pretty much anywhere
else and run the same random string it will show that the domain is
now unavailable.

I only ever have used godaddy, register and NSI, near as I can tell
NSI is the only one doing this right now.
I guess I can see a business case for this, i.e. the domain was
searched for, so lets snatch it up so the guy/gal buying it doesn't
lose it while trying to register.
But honestly either all registrars should do this or no registrar
should do this.
Also NSI is in a priviledged position in that they are the primary
registrar for .com i.e. all .com domains are doled out by network
Has anyone noticed similar behavior with other registrars?


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