Interesting Language Rant

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Tue Jan 8 09:58:28 MST 2008

I thought it was interesting for a couple of reasons.  First, I remember
hearing back in the '80s that object-oriented and component programming
were going to make programming more like designing circuits with IC's.  I
think I remember a CACM with legos on the cover.  I guess we're finally
there, maybe.

Second, all the pitfalls listed for java are all the things about java
that scripting language bigots claim Java doesn't do (admittedly some
scripting languages do better in some cases).  So they all apply, maybe
even more so, to Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, etc.

Even though he is an Ada bigot, I have to agree somewhat.  Java, Python,
Perl, Ruby, etc. probably shouldn't be the core of a curriculum because
they're too high-level.   But if you learn C and assembly, I don't see any
reason not to use them.

Whatta y'all think?

Barry Roberts

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