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Sat Jan 5 21:45:11 MST 2008

Not long ago, Andres Gonzalez proclaimed...
> Is Perl the best way to develop this?  How should I pass data from my
> Perl script to my running application?  Should I do it like the
> startup scripts for booting linux? That is, should the Perl scripts
> write new runtime parameters to a configuration file and then signal
> the application to re-read the configuration file?

A couple thoughts here... This shouldn't turn into a language war because
one of the best answers is that you should use the language you're most
familiar with that provides the capabilities you need. You mentioned you
have some familiarity with Perl, but this type of thing could be done with
PHP, Python, Tcl, Java or Ruby, to list a few.

Your idea of modifying the configuration file and sending a signal to the
main program to re-read its configuration is the first idea I had as I was
reading your message. I wonder how much trouble it would be to simply add a
periodic check in the main program to monitor the configuration file for
changes. Without knowing the nature of the program, I can't really offer
any advice on whether that would be a good approach or not but it might be
something to consider. 

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