iProvo in the news? [Cross posting to PLUG and SLLUG]

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 11:32:34 MST 2008

Howdy folks,
I noticed today that iProvo was in the news, and the news doesn't look so good.
Turns out the State Auditors office is requesting information on
iProvo finances.
Evidently someone is upset that MStar and Veracity are behind on payments.
More information here...
Or see todays Daily Hemorrhoid for more info.

Anyone clueful on what the motives might be behind this?

Sorry for the xpost but we have been having a lively debate on SLLUG
about recent coverage of Utopia, and iProvo is basically the first
Utopia style service in Utah but it relates more to Provo than SLC
however I believe the recent media attention given them is related.


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