Compaq 1U server

Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Fri Jan 4 14:29:03 MST 2008

I got a wireless access point for Christmas, and now that I've got
OpenWRT running on it, I'm ready to retire the machine I've been using
as a firewall/access point.  It's a Compaq DL360 with dual 800 MHz
processors.  It's a rackmount (1-U) server, has 768 MB of memory, and
two 18 GB SCSI disks.  I also have another DL360 with one or two
hardware problems that can be used for spare parts.

Anyway, I thought I'd see if anyone on the PLUG list was interested in
it (best offer).  I while back I put up a page about getting it
installed at  It's been a
useful and educational machine to have around.

I also might be persuaded to give up my ALLNET ALL0271 802.11g PCI Card
which uses the Prism 54 driver and can operate in master mode as a
Wireless Access Point.

Let me know off-list if you're interested.

Andrew McNabb
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