Hiring senior and less-senior engineers

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Jan 4 11:05:29 MST 2008

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> This is my first time writing a help-wanted post so flame away.  (Help
> me out here -- what is a grander-sounding title than "entry level
> engineer?" :)

no flaming here.

I think you did ok for an entry level business poster :)  As mentioned 
by Steve, the salary range would be a good thing to include.

As fer the title, the entry level position should be stated as such. 
That way people that want to break into the field know they have a 
chance and it will catch their eye while scanning titles.  I'd separate 
the two jobs into separate listings or email sections for clarity.  The 
key for the entry level would be to call it something like: Software 
Engineer - Entry Level Opportunity.  (company wise the title would be 
whatever they use normally: Engineer, Software Engineer, etc)  This is 
just a suggestion of course, but if I were needing such an opportunity, 
that sort of title would catch my eye so that I could then read more 
about the opportunity.  Admittedly the less-senior engineer did too, but 
it might be a bit too casual outside of a medium like this where we know ya.

Just a little interesting factoid from researching word use/reaction in 
public settings, the word "opportunity" is a very strong word, 
meaning/image wise, when marketing such things... as long as the rest of 
the message context enforces that the opportunity portrayed is genuine.

Mister Ed

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