Hiring senior and less-senior engineers

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 07:16:44 MST 2008


On Jan 3, 2008 10:02 PM, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at utahpython.org> wrote:
> Summary: Short-term we need Java skill.  Long term we are interested
> in a diverse skill set.  (Even short term, I'm subversively using
> Jython.  But officially it is a Java project. Shh.)
> We pay well -- our corporate parent is based in Chicago and that is
> where they calibrate salaries.  (And if you are _really_ senior?  Yes,
> we can afford you. :)  Everyone has a 30 inch monitor and a top of the
> line laptop.
> Here's the craiglist posts with the gory details:
> Senior engineer: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/sof/527502941.html
> Entry level engineer: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/sof/527547256.html
> Most of the details are the same except for the experience we're
> looking for.  Basically, for entry level we really mean entry level.
> If you're fresh out of school and never used svn for coursework, okay,
> we understand there's a learning curve.
> For now we are most interested in local candidates but if you are
> super awesome we'll consider telecommuters.
> This is my first time writing a help-wanted post so flame away.  (Help
> me out here -- what is a grander-sounding title than "entry level
> engineer?" :)
> -Jonathan
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